True / False – UNRENDER – Lehrter17

On or off, true or false, 0 or 1. Those two states are the most basic states. Some entities have the property of being committed to adopt either one of those two states and switch between them. This audiovisual sculpture explores what lies in between those states and makes the change tangible.


The sculpture is composed of a grid of individual entities, whereas each of them is constantly shifting from one state to the other based on a basic rule set in correlation to its adjacent elements. This relationship is the fundamental premise for the emergence of the transformation of the sculpture. The patterns and shapes that emerge out of that transformation, become vivid and unexpected. While the observer is being confronted with this mass of shifting elements, the simplistic underlying concept becomes overwhelmingly complex. The sculpture dynamically transforms itself into something more than the sum of its elements and reveals the beauty that is hidden inside a basic algorithm. This insight can only be achieved by demanding the sensual attention of eyes and ears, since the observer needs to be fully immersed by the sculpture. With the combination of both senses, we can experience the process of transformation on a completely new level.


Onformative & Marcel Schwittlick