The Oracle – Lacuna Lab Activation Exhibition – Spektrum Berlin

Ask the Oracle anything. The Lacuna Oracle is an interactive installation that lets the visitor explore the mind and heart of Lacuna Lab, the Berlin based collective devoted to the exploration of art and technology. You can talk to the Lacuna Oracle through a computer terminal and a keyboard. You can write a thought, an idea, a word or a question and the Lacuna Oracle will complete what you have started. The visitor will be confronted with a statement on the screen, coming from the entire Lacuna collective. This reply is inspired by memories, thoughts and journals of all Lacuna members, giving a objective reflection on the input of the visitor from the Lacuna Oracle.

Exhibited at Spektrum Berlin in April 2016 during the Lacuna Lab Activation Exhibition

Marcel Schwittlick –
Ramin Soleymani –

For three days, Spektrum is overgrown by Lacuna Lab, a Berlin-centred collective of trans-disciplinary artists. For the collective’s inaugural exhibition, spores of ideas waft across the canal from their studio on Paul-Lincke-Ufer, taking root as a multi-channel network of biology- and technology-based pieces. These objects and installations draw input from their surroundings in Spektrum, the audience, and one another, creating a playful environment of screens, textiles, lights, lasers, plants, water vapor, and interwoven generative sounds. Opening with a live-generated audio-visual-dance performance, this exhibition investigates collaboration, perception, growth and decay.

2016-04-20 00.07.30

2016-04-20 00.08.05