Find your Doppelgänger – Art Hack Day Berlin – LEAP

Whenever we use some online service, we rely on machines, to make subtle decisions for us. Those machines are instructed by algorithms and those decide how our journey online continues. Because of the recent developments of society, this influence is slowly shifting towards our offline life, too. Whenever we use for example Google or Amazon, their algorithms decide what our vague search query actually stands for and makes the pathway for our next step in the internet.

What if the machine and its brain, the algorithm decides wrong? What if the machine tells you have a doppelgänger? Would you blindly accept that decision, too?

This project was created during the event Art Hack Day Berlin which had the theme ‘Going Dark’. We scraped all facebook profile pictures of the people, who clicked attending to the exhibition-event. During the event itself, visitors were able to go into our photobooth to find their doppelgänger at the party. The person who looks the most like the one in front of the camera. This gave the person some access and reason to find this person and talk to him/her. Usually exhibitions have the property to create a rather distanced feeling between the visitors, whereas this piece makes an approach to connecting the visitors and enable them to some human interaction.

This project is a collaboration between Arthur Tres, Ramin Soleymani and Marcel Schwittlick







Images by Michelle O’Brien and/or LEAP.