Electronic Chaos Oracle #4

In the context of the “Serious Sparkles— An Inquiry Into Artificial Stupidity” exhibition at Lacuna Lab during the Transmediale 2017, Ramin Soleymani and myself have developed the next edition of the long term artistic research project, the Electronic Chaos Oracle.

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Spektrum - Marcel Oracle - 9

Spektrum - Marcel Oracle - 28

For a more thorough documentation of the past editions, please have a look here: http://mrzl.net/eco/

This fragment #4 is an installation that plays with reconstructing sentences from a text database consisting of 5000 books ( http://mrzl.net/eco_pdf/pdf_credits.pdf ). We’re using word2vec word embeddings of the sentences from these books in order to navigate through the vector space, which represents similar sentences in close geometric distances. This technique is used by us to write a story, a dialogue without writing a single new sentence, just by putting existing sentence from the database (5mio unique sentences) into context.
In this installation, the audio recording of this 12 minutes conversation is visualized via oscilloscopes and tv screens.

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Read the full story here: http://mrzl.net/eco_pdf/eco4_story.pdf

An excerpt of the installation setup

A full video:

A boring behind the scenes video is here

Here are some pictures from the exhibition inkl. talks and a performance. Photos by Peter Kolski



Lacuna Lab Vorspiel Talk - 2