Cyst Shimmer is an everlasting continuous animation exploring the the mind. The infinitely changing movement is evolving into forms of the known and unreal. It is generated and edited live exploring space in it’s own limited form.

Cyst Shimmer is an organizm, living in the ficitive, digital space. It is always live, no constellation, state is ever going to be the same or reconstructed. It is always improvized and new. Not predictable in any way of its limited way of existence. It is like a fish in a bowl, like hawking said, limited in its own life. Unpredictable and alive. You can not look in its head and find out how it sees the world or you, the watcher. Is it alive or not? How does it see the world. What is the border, what is real and what is alive.

It’s entire existence is described in an algorithm no longer than 300 lines of code. What does this tell about the ‘aliveness’ about it? How many lines would your ‘aliveness’ be?
This does not mean that you are pre-predicted. You are as alive and your own human mind as the cyst shimmer is. What would you look like from another perspective? Say you would be a more alive Cyst Shimmer and somebody would be looking at you and would laugh about somebody saying that you can be reconstructed with only 3000000000000000000000000000 lines of code. What is distinguishing you from a machine. Show us.







cyst_shooting1 cyst_shooting2 cyst_shooting3 cyst_shooting4 cyst_shooting5 cyst_shooting6 cyst_shooting7 cyst_shooting8 cyst_shooting9 cyst_shooting10 cyst_shooting11 cyst_shooting12 cyst_shooting13

Clothes by Gabriella Arthemia

Photos by Ariel Orah

Visuals by Marcel Schwittlick

Models: Ayanna E. and Daria C.