Composition #37 at Museum Kesselhaus

During the exhibition DIE WERBUNG at the Museum Kesselhaus Herzberge in Berlin Lichtenberg, a live edition of the Composition #37 series has been plotted. The screen below shows the microscope view while drawing, creating an emerging rhythm as the drawing gets more and more complex.





Here’s an impression of the video on the screen:

The plotter is drawing an unique constellation that is re-combined from previously recorded mouse paths from my computer. While the drawing is building up, the sheet of paper is filling with more and more lines. Please see this website for examples of constellations that will be drawn:
To the axis of the plotter a microscope is attached that displays traces of the movements over the lines and paper at the same time. Throughout drawing the movement on the screen which is below the drawing surface is getting more and more erratic. Please see this video for an example of what is rendered on the screen below:

Photographs by Simon Vorgrimmler ( )