Artificial Out of Body Experience – transmediale

My thoughts about this installation were that I wanted to create a reality-hack. While creating this piece, which shall emulate an out of body experience, I had in mind that people should begin to feel and be conscious about themselves again. During the digital bubble people started to only either think about the future or the past, but don’t embrace the situation, the moment, the spontaneous.
What I wanted to find out with this piece is to keep on searching for a clear idea of what reality is nowadays. This obviously changed.
I wanted to investigate how the human perception of the world changes once you’ve directly and awake watched yourself from a third person perspective and need to shift your thinking of the relation of space, reality and yourself.

“After the Digital Breakdown and the collapse of our digital infrastructure we need to find clarity again. We need to get back to reality by using what we’re left with. Technology.”

Black Yarn, web cam, Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Headset
The camera is pointing at the participant from a typical surveillance camera perspective, while its video stream is being displayed in the Oculus Rift.

art hack day artificial out of body experience marcel schwittlick


Photo by Mangtronix, Transmediale.

More pictures can be found here.