Marcel Schwittlick, born 1989, is a German artist living and working in Berlin. With his work he’s examining different notions of reality especially those who result of recent tendencies of digital culture and technical developments and their impact on society. His work has a philosophical foundation that often evolved into tangible images, videos or installations.
He’s working with digital technology as his main tool. As most of his work is necessary to be realized in the context of generative, real-time software systems, he’s usually creating computer programs which are instructed to carry out his thoughts and ideas.
He likes experimenting with a lot of different media, most of the time his work focuses either on creating sculptures or visual experiences. The medium is not the focus of his work, his main idea is to point out differences and/or similarities of the physical and the digital world. His work is always focused on the spectator, the experience is the main goal of the artist. That is why one of his favourite disciplines is developing interactive installations, which connect physical and virtual by nature. His goal is to turn the digital a little bit closer to the felt reality. The transistion of the digital into something analog, touchable, feelable.
His work regarding this tendency has been exhibited at Transmediale Festival Berlin 2014, Lehrter17 Berlin 2014, Künstlerhaus Bethanien Berlin 2014, Haus der Kulturen der Welt Berlin 2014, Lab for Emerging Arts and Performance Berlin 2013/14, Art Hack Day Berlin 2013/14, Panke Culture Berlin 2013, Diversity Art Media 2013, Phoenix Gallery Brighton 2014 and Union Chapel London 2015.




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