2D to 1D

When people take pictures they unconsciously perform a transformation: turning 3d into 2d. This transformation takes place everytime some person takes a snapshot for example of the people around him/her.
This project takes this concept one step further and turns 2d images into 1d images. Does that make sense, since it completely erases all meaning from a 2d image? The original image is impossible to reconstruct from the 1 dimensional representation, like the 3d world is impossible to reconstruct from a 2d representation (photo). This means during the transformation of taking a picture information is lost, something can not be reconstructed. The three dimensional world is thus not recontructable from a photo. It only makes sense if you know the origin and/or have some more information to construct the original from.

Technical background:
The images are based of photographs of different scenes. The representation of an image in the computer is achieved through pixels. An image consists of rows and columns of pixels whereas each pixel consists of three components: red, green and blue.
For each row the average color of all pixels contained in that row is calculated and set as the color for every individual pixel in that row.